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Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 914

Green Valley, AZ 85622

Please join us this Saturday!

It's FREE and open to the public!

Reserve your seat today with a $10 suggested donation!  

(donations are appreciated not required)

O'odham Perspective movie/speaker event is made possible by the Arizona Humanities.

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The O'odham Perspective movie/speaker event hosts a short video featuring top scholars who share a passion for their topic, sparking audience curiosity and lively discussion. It's interactive!


Samuel Fayuant, O’odham Cultural Affairs Specialist works along with the Cultural Center/Museum staff to provide cultural sensitivity training for the Luke Air Force Base, Border Patrol and other Federal Agencies.

Mr. Fayuant directs activities related to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriations Act (NAGPRA), and assists in planning, organizing and supervising all functions in the Program’s activities by supporting and advancing the cultural, historical, religious traditions and language of the Tohono O’odham Nation.


Jefford Francisco, O’odham Cultural Resource Specialist and Marine Veteran worked as a liaison to Tucson's Arizona Nature Conservancy, District, and communities about the endangered plants and animals of their land.  Mr. Francisco served his community in the maintenance area, and is currently working for the Cultural Affairs Program doing cultural resource surveys for home sites, roads, and business since 2011.  His passion includes informing the O'odham Communities aobut the importance of their cultural resources.


Tony Burrell, O'odham Elder and Community Leader retired from the Indian Health Service and served on the Legislative Council, San Xavier District Council, Co-op Farm Board, and Allottees Association.  He also served on Pima County's oversight committee for the restoration of the Historic Canoa Ranch. Mr. Burell will address the common misconceptions of who the O'odham are, the Wa:k community distinction of separate lifestyles and language accents of the O'odham in other villages in the Nation.


David Tenario, is the Assistant Supervisor for the San Xavier District Natural Resources Department, and has been with his department for just little over 20 years.  David works on protecting and conserving the San Xavier District’s land, water, environment, cultural resources, archaeological sites, and related natural resources.  David currently is part of the Wa:k Ethnographic Team, serves as Vice-President for the Friends of Canoa Foundation, and is a member of the I.D.E.A Ad Hoc Committee.

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Leslie Ann Epperson began producing documentaries at WILL-TV, PBS, Illinois.She continued producing non-fiction programs at AZPM in Tucson, AZ. She created the Emmy Award winning Divine Mission, San Xavier del Bac, which received national broadcast by the PBS network.  Eppersonhas producedseveral videos for the University of Arizona and taught video and art at Tohono O’odham Community College and the University of Arizona. She continues producing independent documentaries portraying people and wildlife in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.

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