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No contract or commitment!
Compliments of the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation!
*Offer is limited to entities that are located within the Canoa Heritage Area!

In 2014, the "Visit Canoa" eco-tourism campaign was created

to "Keep Tourism Local" by sharing information on local attractions

and activities with our audience and new visitors to the

Canoa Heritage Area in our bi-monthly Shout-outs. 

Click here to view past Shout-outs.


In 2019, the addition of our "Evolution of Canoa" art/history

display at the Canoa Ranch Rest Area on I-19 helped to expand our visitor reach and has generated a fast-growing international

market that was previously untapped in our area.


Need to get the word out for your upcoming special or event?

Here's what you need to know!


We publish every other Wednesday directly to our subscribers and post them on up to 30 social media sites each edition.

Submit your post ready ad to
later than the Monday before we publish.  

Ad size is 8"w x 4"h in jpeg. format.

Please include your website or social media link to connect with it. Ad is published as a hot link that will take the visitor directly to your information.  

It is important that you submit an ad that fits our format.  If you've sent me info without an image or website/social media link, I'm unable to include it.   Contact us if you need help creating an ad.

**One time tech fees are $50 per ad that can run for up to three months, free copy changes are included.  Special discounts for charitable organizations with a 501c3 non-profit tax status.

We don't make money on advertising!  Small tech fees help us to cover the hard costs of website hosting, internet and electronic communications fees.

Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation, Inc. is a historic preservation organization, all volunteers no paid employees.  Promotions and marketing are a biproduct of our Canoa Ranch Rest Area art/history preservation project resulting in access to a previously untapped fast-growing international and loyal local audience of which we share with the communities we serve in the Canoa Heritage Area at no cost.


About a year ago, our audience and stakeholder contacts exceeded our capacity to send free electronic communications without having to pay for upgrades to our web hosting sites and stakeholder e-mail updates.  These "tech fees" are slowly draining our foundations general fund, of which we cannot continue to sustain for activities outside of our mission. 


We have a choice of discontinuing to share our audience resources with the communities we serve or add small tech fees to each ad to help cover the growing cost of running them.  

Please send your post-ready ads to

(520) 289-3940 



Website advertising on is available in annual packages only. 

Contact us for more information at (520)-289-3940 or


We reserve the right to refuse any advertising sponsorships.

We reach a unique, previously untapped, international tourism market! 
Look who's curious about Canoa lately!

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Thank you to our Sponsors of the

2023  Canoa Attractions  Rack Card!

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Thank You Sponsors!

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     “Visit Canoa” is an eco-tourism community outreach campaign of the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation, Inc. (FOC) for the purpose of tourism industry economic and workforce development in the rural and underserved communities within the Canoa Heritage Area.


     When you support the FOC, you help us bring resources to our communities and reach a diverse market of loyal locals, international visitors, scholars, and adventure seekers.


     Our I-19 Canoa Ranch Rest Area attraction is an art/history display offering colorful images and fun facts about 14,000 years of the area's history and cultural influences.  Canoa Attractions rack cards are distributed at this site and invite an estimated 20,000 average daily visitors to explore the natural, and cultural treasures of the Canoa Heritage Area.

      As an all-volunteer organization, we are passionate about preserving the history, heritage and natural resources of our communities.  The Visit Canoa campaign has already made a difference in the communities that we serve!

We don't make money on advertising!  Small tech fees help us to cover the hard cost expense of website hosting, internet and communications fees.  

     Investing in the future of our youth with tourism industry workforce development initiatives, preservation, and educational outreach, we continue to help build the next generation workforce!


      FOC's "Visit Canoa" eco-tourism outreach campaign highlights the history and cultural diversity of Canoa Heritage Area continues to bring valuable resources to our attractions, stakeholders, and supporting tourism industry businesses at little to no cost to the owner.


      For information on advertising in the outreach project contact (520)-289-3940 or


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