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Canoa Cache Challenge

Let the journey begin!

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Thank You!

Jean Cram of

La Posada in Sahuarita for your expert tips and geocaching workshop!

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Canoa Cache Challenge Award Pat Tugies P


I'm excited to have won the Canoa Cache Challenge, round one!


I've been an avid geocacher ever since I got bit in December of 2005, and currently have 103,193 finds in 61 countries. Arizona continues to be one of my favorite places to geocache, especially in the very scenic Canoa Heritage Area. And, my favorite place there is the de Anza trail which a few cachers have filled with geocaches. The trail north of Palo Parado Road (the '5 mile' section) is so magical even in the summer (it's shady!). I'm inviting you to check out my caches, eg., C8BPV8 5 Mile#12 and so many other great ones in the district.


The pictures were taken by my friend Mandy Vernalia (Canoa Queen) who I met geocaching. She is also a docent at Canoa Ranch. One is from caching in the area and the other was taken on our 12-country driving/caching tour of middle Europe that we put together a few years ago.


Since I live in Tucson, I'm forwarding my prize to Green valley geocachers Jean Cram (DesertJean) who helped with this challenge, and her friend Martha Jump (Daisy Duck), to help celebrate Martha’s 90th birthday!


Thanks again for a very fun challenge! The real reward was being out there.

Mandy  Canoa Queen Vernalia.jpeg
March 2011  Martha Jump and Jean Cramm g

Featured from left Mandy "CANOA QUEEN" Vernalia, Martha "DAISY DUCK" Jump, and Jean "DESERT JEAN" Cram.

2020 Canoa Cache Challenge 

Have you tried the internationally popular sport of geocaching? 


As a fun way to introduce you to some of the local treasures in the Canoa Heritage Area, we're offering a chance to win a $50 gift certificate or prizes! 

If you're new to the sport, !  It's free fun world-wide! has free basic membership with full tutorials and posting to sites all over the world.  Over 1,000 of them are hidden in the  Canoa Heritage Area.

All you need is a smart phone, friend with a smart phone, or a GPS device and you're ready for adventure.


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Let the journey begin!

Canoa Cache Challenge 2020 May.jpg
Canoa Cache Challenge 2020 May Rules.jpg


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