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People of Canoa from 11,000 BC, and artifacts of Canoa.


Project Partner

      Registered Professional Archaeologist

     Mr. Allen Dart has worked professionally in Arizona and New Mexico since 1975.  Mr. Dart volunteers his time as executive director of Tucson’s nonprofit Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, which he co-founded in 1993 to provide children and adults with educational and scientific programs in Southwestern archaeology, history, and cultures.

     Mr. Dart has received the Arizona Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission Award in Public Archaeology, the Arizona Archaeological Society’s Professional Archaeologist of the Year Award, the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society’s Victor R. Stoner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Archaeology or Historic Preservation, and other honors for his efforts to bring archaeology and history to the public.

Here's a clip from our Canoa Speaks video series featuring Mr. Allen Dart, made possible by the Arizona Humanities.

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Robert Ciaccio Artist

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