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Native foods and agriculture today at Canoa.

Contributing Resources

Phyllis Valenzuela

Catering Chef

San Xavier Co-op Farm

As a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Phyllis Valenzuela combines contemporary foods with traditional crops to make savory, healthy dishes.  In addition to tours and events, Phyllis offers food tastings, presentations, catering featuring traditional foods, and cooking classes for youth and adults.  Call the San Xavier Co-op Farm at 520-295-3774.

Michael Chiago


Tohono O'odham Nation

The welcoming appeal of his colorful paintings reaches far beyond the desert southwest, to portray a time and place that is distinctly the Sonoran Desert. His work provides a look at the way indigenous people of the Tucson Basin lived in the recent past and how they incorporate the same cultural traditions today.

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