Canoa Kid Registry

Who are the "Kids of Canoa?"

     Anyone who was between the ages of infant to 24 years old, and lived in one of  the communities of Canoa between 1919-today is a "Canoa Kid!"   If you're over 100 years of age, we want to hear from you too!"

     Our goal is to connect the generations of "Kids of Canoa"  to learn what has changed and what has stayed the same.

     This registry is for preservation purposes only.  We do not share or sell our list.

     If you are a "Canoa Kid" fill out the form below and connect with your heritage!

Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation preserves and serves the rural populations in the 335,000 acres that was once a part of the Historic Canoa Ranch empire.


Communities of Canoa  include Amado, Arivaca, Green Valley Sahuarita, Sasabe, Three Points, the San Xavier District of the Tohono O'odham Nation, and parts of the Pascua Yaqui Nation. 

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Get Connected!

"Santa Cruz Kid" Registry Coming Soon!

     Ranching empires in southern Arizona didn't stop at the Historic Canoa Ranch.  In fact the area ranchers often helped each other during round up, and braceros from Mexico were brought in during war times to assist in getting the job done.

     In the spirit of working together with the common purpose of preserving our heritage, and sustaining our communities, the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation would like to invite organizations in Santa Cruz County* to partner with us, and support all of the "Kids" who have lived here in the last 100 years.

*The Historic Canoa Ranch southeastern boundary ended at the Agua Linda Ranch, and covered all of Amado.  Ranchers from Agua Linda south and east in Santa Cruz County had built their own empires.  When needed, they all helped each other.  We'd like to continue the tradition!

Contact (520-289-3940 or


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Friends of Canoa does not accept, or solicit contributions on behalf of Pima County for the Hacienda de la Canoa property.

Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation