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     We've come a long way from communicating by Pony Express in the Canoa Heritage Area!  

     Current technology brings info to the palm of your hand, with access to virtually everyone in real time.  

     To keep up with our new audience demand in 2020, the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation is developing a whole new CANOA COMMUNICATIONS TEAM!  

Does your media reach cover one or more of the

Canoa Heritage Area communities?*

We're looking for LOCAL media partners to share our

fast growing international audience with! 

Serving an international audience is A responsibility that we don't take lightly!

 Since 1994, Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation (FOC) has dedicated their efforts to preserving the land, history and culture of the Canoa Heritage Area.

What started as a collaborative heritage outreach project has now become

one of the only ways to access the international visitors to the region! 


The success of the Visit Canoa outreach project for

LOCAL tourism industry economic and workforce development has grown, 

evolving from our foundations current mission statement.


Last month, the FOC Board voted to create a separate board entity for the

Visit Canoa outreach and communications project in 2020, allowing our existing board to continue to focus their efforts on our current preservation projects.


Sharing resources within our community is a priority! 

Engaging our new international audience is an eight year responsibility!

This new board will limited to  local media professionals that have

an existing audience reach in the Canoa Heritage Area.

Call 520-289-3940 to learn more!

 join the Canoa Communications team!

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