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Salcido-Amarillas Western Research Libra
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Salcido Amarillas Western Research Libra

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     Upon purchasing a section of the Sopori Ranch in 1976, formerly a part of the Canoa Ranch empire, William "Bill", and Ellen "Ellie" Kurtz began to explore the rich history of Southern Arizona.


     Collecting over 2,000 books, maps, and artifacts that tell the story of the peoples who have lived here for over 14,000 years, the Salcido-Amarillas Western Research Library collection includes over 100 children's books that tell stories from different cultural perceptions and are perfect for storytelling activities when entertaining school children. 

     In addition, rare publications both fiction and non-fiction dating from the mid 1800's to the present day reflect the history of the southwestern lifestyles and cultural challenges.  


     Maps and artifacts from the area provide a more visual enlightenment to the public.   Scholars, students, and history fans will enjoy easy access to this diverse and multi-cultural research library.

     When complete, the Salcido-Amarillas Western Research Library will be searchable through Pima County Library system, introduced to the public at the Historic Canoa Ranch and available to the public for research or future event exhibits.


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Scholars Tom Sheridan and Diane Hadley share  the politics, and timeline of Canoa in this Southwestern Mission Research Center

newsletter (summer 2000 edition).

Ellen Kurtz and Nancy Williams enlighten the audience at the Heritage Festival at Canoa Ranch

Ellie Kurtz and Nancy Williams introduce the

Salcido Amarillas Western Research Library

at the 2017 Heritage Festival at the Historic Canoa Ranch.

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