Map of the Historic Canoa Ranch empire with San Ignacio de la Canoa Spanish/Mexican land grant highlighted.

Canoa was also a 17,000 acre Spanish/Mexican land grant,

San Ignacio de la Canoa.

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Located just south of Tucson.  

Look for Elephant Head Mountain

in the Santa Ritas to the east, or the Baboquivari Mountains to the west.

Once the land of the O'odham, Canoa's life source was the Santa Cruz River.  Outlined in red on the map is the 335,000 acres that was once the Historic Canoa Ranch Empire.  The Manning holdings also included the La Osa Ranch in Sasabe. 


The ranches south of Amado to Nogales shared the land, resources and braceros.  Working together during round-up, during crisis, and in celebration was the way of life in the Canoa Heritage area!

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Fall 2019 update on the 

Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation's (FOC)

by Dawn Morley/President


With all of the local organizations, Pima County properties, neighborhoods, and businesses who share the CANOA name, it’s hard to know who’s in charge of what!


Each Canoa entity has its own mission, and sometimes partnerships are created when the missions overlap.  Things move fast when you have passionate people working together for a common cause. 


For more detailed information about the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation (FOC) go to


We currently have no projects or events under partnership agreement with Pima County at the Hacienda de la Canoa

(Historic Canoa Ranch) site.  


Ellie's "Salcido-Amarillas Western Research Library and Museum (SAWRL) was originally slated for the "Foreman's House."


Now we're reviewing documents provided by Pima County, and currently looking at raising funds to restore the Salcido House for the SAWRL collection. 

The quotes that NRPR gave us for the historic restoration of the Salcido House (bunk house in the master plan) for the SAWRL are around $350,000. 


Much of the library is already cataloged and searchable online through the Pima County Library, with free e-books currently available at


We're looking for volunteers who understand historic restoration and/or have knowledge of library/museum development.


Please contact us if you are interested in helping us navigate a Pima County partnership plan while working on locating funding sources.

Our foundation is not focused on raising money for Pima County outside of our SAWRL project, just that Pima County follow the Canoa Ranch Master Plan that was approved by the voters.


The "Visit Canoa" tourism industry economic and workforce development project has been seeing a substantial increase in new international visitors to the website since the opening of the Canoa Ranch Rest Area in May 2019.

View current web stats on our Advertise page to see who's hitting the website. 


The "Canoa Attractions" rack cards are being distributed from the Canoa Ranch Rest Area and regional businesses.  


The Canoa Preserve Park/Chuck Catino Softball Complex and the Historic Canoa Ranch have been included in the Visit Canoa rest area art display and rack cards. 


The Canoa Hills Park was not established when we published.  We will include Canoa Hills in the rack cards, online parks, and attractions listing once the $300,000 of Freeport-McMoRan investment money has been utilized. 


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Advertising sponsorships in these communications are free if no money is being raised, about $50 per month for non-profits if it includes a fundraiser. 


View previous shout outs on our page.  


We have finally tapped into the visiting international audience that until May, was driving right by us!   ADOT estimates an average of 20,000 daily visitors stop at the Canoa Ranch Rest Area on I-19. 


We now have access to that market, and have brought international resources to all of the attractions in the Canoa Heritage Area, with little or no cost to the businesses listed.  

This contribution by the Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation for local Tourism Industry Economic Development will be in place for eight years.


Building a workforce to serve these visitors is a priority, as most Green Valley residents have aged out of providing services. 


The "Kids of Canoa" project is designed to fill that gap.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions that you'd like to share! 


Got a favorite activity or attraction in the Canoa Heritage Area? 


Share it with our fast growing international audience!  Contact us or post it on our facebook and twitter pages! 

Happy Trails!

Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation



Friends of Canoa does not accept, or solicit contributions on behalf of Pima County for the Historic Canoa Ranch property.

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Land base shown reflects the area of the Manning holdings in 1953.

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